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Now is not the time to settle for outdated or limited security measures and privacy practices — even a single data breach can damage your brand, reputation, and budget. In addition, being out of compliance with key regulations can result in significant fines, which can cripple your bottom line. Don’t wait for an incident to occur in order to find out if your data-protection policies stack up to today’s standards. Let us do the digging for you in advance!


For a one-time fee of $4,999, our team of highly experienced privacy, data management, and technology experts will:

  • Evaluate how personal information (PI) is being used throughout your organization

  • Identify potential technical, operational, and regulatory risks and gaps

  • Perform a full scan of your network to determine the scope of your data assets 

  • Deliver an action plan to bring your data privacy and management practices in-line with today’s standards

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Here’s how it works:

Initial Consultation

In this remote discovery session with your Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), Security, and Technology personnel, we examine your compliance needs, policies, and procedures, mapping your current state against regulatory requirements.

PI Data Scan

We work with your IT team to scan your network and assets to determine what kind of sensitive personal information is stored across your data repositories (employee data, customer/client data, etc.) — and then provide a detailed outline of where those assets lie.

Results & Action Plan

Our analysis report will provide a snapshot of your company’s current privacy and security risks as well as our recommendations for closing gaps and strengthening your data management practices to protect your data and your business from the risks associated with handling personal information. (We can present these findings and next steps in-person or remotely).

Modern Architecture

Take steps to secure your company's data

Our PrivScan service will help you determine if you are properly protecting your business’ most valuable data assets. If not, we’ll set you on a clear path to get there. And we’ll ensure that your ongoing data privacy efforts put you in the sweet spot for continued compliance. 

Thanks! You're on your way to a more secure data infrastructure. One of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible.

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