The True PrivSec Solution

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Fast, scalable, reliable data privacy infrastructure for automating personal information management.

Build securely with The ViziVault Platform,  powered by technologies you trust.


Data Awareness

Build sensitive information awareness throughout your organization and take control of the data being used.


Locally encrypt your data before securely transmitting to the vault for storage.  Ensure maximum data protection directly at the source.


Easy-to-use SDKs and step-by-step instructions with detailed technical documentation to help your team integrate & succeed.


Simply use ViziVault to secure & organize your data appropriately.  Automate the privacy and regulatory aspects of data management.

The healthcare industry has very stringent regulations in terms of patient data with regulations like HIPAA.

Banks and Financial institutions arguably have some of the most sensitive personal information. 

Schools K-12 as well as colleges/universities hold a great deal of personal information about students, applicants, and staff.

With an ever growing presence of online retailers, personal information is becoming more widely used across the internet.

Governments house a trove of sensitive information and are constantly under the threat of a breach from cyber attacks. 

The ViziVault Solution

The full ViziVault solution allows your organization to properly secure, manage, and control private information in a way that is compliant and transparent to your users.