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With over 15 years experience leading software engineering and data management teams, the AnonTech team has lived through the pain that companies face securing sensitive information and complying with a wide variety of data regulations. After many years watching companies struggle with no real solution, we put our heads together and ViziVault was born. Finally, there is a real PrivSec solution that attacks the problem at its source—where and how data is organized, regulated, and accessed. Let us show you why we claim to have the only true PrivSec solution on the market and how this technology will revolutionize the way your company manages sensitive personal information.

The AnonTech Team

With years of combined experience in building globally-distributed horizontally-scalable enterprise platforms, big data solutions, legal & compliance services, and data privacy & protection applications, we have the right people to solve your sensitive data needs.

Technology Expertise
Consultative Services

Between assessing your technology systems' private data usage, making comprehensive proposals, assisting with implementation, modernizing your tech stack, or bringing in our partners, we consult directly with your people to ensure responsible information management practices become embedded in your organization.

Industry Experience

Our experience in the industry combined with our fresh outlook on data control, management, and security provides you with both the security and freedom to operate your business without worrying about improper use or exposure of your most critical data.

Advanced Technology

We custom-built the ViziVault platform specifically to help organizations control, manage, and secure personal information the right way. We will work with your teams to determine where this technology is appropriate and help integrate the solution into your technology infrastructure.

Beyond Governance

Traditional data privacy efforts are geared towards implementing data governance policies and controls. While this is an important first step, we help you go beyond governance and into integrated technology solutions.

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