The ViziVault Platform

The ViziVault solution can be hosted in your cloud subscription or in ours. We allow businesses to make the decision of where to host the data completely up to you. Business needs and legal contracts play a big factor in whether you go with a solution hosted in your cloud or in our cloud. We are here to make it as easy as possible to get up and running quickly. 

Your Cloud

With ViziVault running in your own cloud subscription, you will have the data hosted in your environment. You will also be able to gain business insights from ViziVault Enterprise hosted in your own subscription. This option may be beneficial for businesses that already have a cloud subscription and want to manage everything yourself.

Our Cloud

With ViziVault running in our cloud subscription, you will not have to worry about setting anything up in your environment. We will provide you with some configuration variables that you put in your code and then your developers are off to the races. This option may be beneficial for businesses that want to get code stood up very quickly and get to market faster.


You can get started with ViziVault for free. Simply contact us to apply for an administrator account and we will deploy your first instance at no cost to you. Whether for learning, prototyping, early development, or supporting applications, we will set you up with a dedicated tenant on our shared cloud infrastructure. When you are ready to expand beyond your first use cases, need a segregated environment, or require dedicated support from AnonTech, we will be happy to setup a call to determine an arrangement that works for your business.


ViziVault Enterprise

An aggregated view of the personal information stored in ViziVault for a company’s users, highlighting risks, accessibility to, and the composition of governed data.  Here, companies can take action to reduce data privacy risks down to desired levels and monitor risk levels in real-time.


The discover section will help corporate users get unique insights into customer data by being able to filter and slice data in numerous ways. 


The escalations section makes data change requests from customers as easy as a click of a button. This allows customers and businesses to interact with one another.


The dashboard on the home page of ViziVault Enterprise will give you alerts, suggestions, and insights into your data that can help drive key business decisions.


ViziVault API

The ViziVault API is the core to the ViziVault solution. The ViziVault API can be accessed via client libraries in Java, Node.js, Python, C#, PHP, or by sending HTTP requests directly. Your developers can use it to store and retrieve pieces of information on a user.

What are the benefits?
The multi-layer encryption/decryption will prevent even you as a developer from accessing certain pieces of an end user's personal information. This is meant to provide data owners with the greatest flexibility on the security of their data. Using one of our client libraries will prevent you from having to handle the decryption of the message yourself. The SDK will be able to handle all of that for you by utilizing your configuration variables.

ViziVault Me

A detailed view of the personal information stored in ViziVault on a user where a user can control access to their data on a bulk and individual client level. Users are able to remediate and restrict company visibility into their personal data. 


ViziVault Claims

Leverage state-of-the-art blockchain technology to verify an identity claim and associate information back to its original underlying user.


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