The healthcare industry has very stringent regulations in terms of patient data with regulations like HIPAA.

Banks and Financial institutions arguably have some of the most sensitive personal information. 

Schools K-12 as well as colleges/universities hold a great deal of personal information about students, applicants, and staff.

With an ever growing presence of online retailers, personal information is becoming more widely used across the internet.

Governments house a trove of sensitive information and are constantly under the threat of a breach from cyber attacks. 

The first true PrivSec solution

At AnonTech, we offer a suite of cloud-based technologies through the ViziVault product line.  ViziVault is designed to store, secure, and control your most sensitive personal information and helps you comply with regional & industry-specific regulatory requirements.  Explore ViziVault's capabilities and contact us to setup & start using your own vault today.  

Digital Work Life

Leverage our expertise to find out where you stand today when it comes to managing, securing, and controlling personal information across the technology spectrum in your organization.

Harness the power of  ViziVault.  Integrate with our suite of private information management products and gain full control over the sensitive information your organization uses.

We provide a plan for action in each targeted focus area and will help you prioritize your efforts based on severity, risk, and potential impact to your business.

Gain access to our partner network for any needs beyond technology.  Our parnters can help with governance, training, compliance, data scans, consultations, security, and much more.

Adopting a culture of responsible sensitive information management and implementing change can be a daunting task.  Our team of experts work directly with your personnel on this.

Whether it's taking advantage of specific cloud components, breaking apart a monolith into microservices, or building a DevOps culture, we can help modernize your tech stack.

Data Awareness

Build awareness of the sensitive information being used throughout an organization and take control of how and why that data is being used.


Between the ViziVault product line and our custom implementation services, we can help you apply the right technology for your need.


Our SDK is easy to use and are full step by step instructions on how to use are available for your team to integrate.


Anon Technology will assist in all data migrations and will have a full support staff ready to help with integrations and implementation.

The ViziVault Solution

The full ViziVault solution allows your organization to properly secure, manage, and control private information in a way that is compliant and transparent to your users. 

Corporate Systems

ViziVault SDK

ViziVault Enterprise

ViziVault Me

Corporate Users

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